80 Washington Square East, NYU

80wse Presents

November 27 – December 22, 2012

80 WSE

The second annual invitational exhibition, 80wse Presents, was curated by the 80wse staff with each member picking 1-2 artists of diverse ages and stylistic medias. As an invitational, the exhibition has no over-arching concept, however the viewer may discern a subtle connection in regards to concerns regarding interior and exterior space among these artists.

Kathe Burkhart
Jamie Bruce Dearing
Michael DeLucia
Susanna Howe
Nadja Marcin
George Wilson
Adam Winner

Kathe Burkhart is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. Working since the early 1980s, Burkhart has consistently and frankly engaged gender roles, sexuality, celebrity, performativity, and language in an interdisciplinary practice. In Her Liz Taylor Series and later series, Burkhart addresses feminist resistance, female dominance and sexual power. This exhibition will premiere a number of major new large-scale paintings by Burkhart.
Burkhart's visual art has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Venice Biennale, PS1 Contemporary Art Center/MoMA, SMAK Museum, (Gent, Belgium), Brooklyn
Museum, Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada) FlashArt Museum, Galleria d' Arte Moderna, Bologna (Italy) and the Groningen, Zwolle and Helmond Museums (Netherlands) among many others. She has had more than 30 solo exhibitions, among them Participant Inc., Alexander Gray Associates, Mitchell Algus Gallery, Schroeder Romero Gallery, Feature Inc., NYÇ. She is represented by Galerie Lumen Travo, Amsterdam and Galerie Annie Gentils, Antwerp.
She is the author of three books of fiction, Between the Lines, Hachette, Litteratures, January 2005; Deux Poids, Deux Mesures (The Double Standard) Participant Press 2005 and Hachette Litteratures, Paris, 2002, and From Under the 8 Ball, (LINE, 1985 Regency Arts Press published a monograph, The Liz Taylor Series: The First Twenty Five Years in 2007. Burkhart he has been a faculty member at New York University since 2000.
Gallery installation view of three large paintings. From left to right in the gallery space, there is a large painting of a woman with short curly hair looking off into the distance. The word 'slut' is painted across the painting in a large font.
Jamie Bruce Dearing is an artist currently making images and objects regarding the sea coast, architecture, and particle physics. He studied at Allegheny College, The New School for Social Research, and The Whitney Museum Independent Study program. He received his B.A. in 1969. He
was for many years a studio assistant for Donald Judd and later, a partner and designer with Bark Frameworks. He maintains studios on Manhattan Island and Long Island.
Dearing is currently working on dwelling-like structures which resemble architecture but have philosophical ideas embedded within their materials. In Dearing's work structures have meaning -- every decision means something. Although indebted to Frank Lloyd Wright in proportions and
materials, these works are always art rather than architecture. Large sculptural work from this series by Dearing was exhibited in 80wse Gallery 6.
Gallery installation view of a large wooden structure.
Inside view of a large wooden structure in which there are cut-out windows on either side.
Image of a single work in the exhibition. A photograph is encapsulated by a wooden frame. The photograph in the wooden frame shows a landscape scene of a sky and lake view.
Image of single work from the exhibition. The photograph is surrounded by a wood frame. The photograph exhibits and abstract image of a blurred forrest scene.
Michael DeLucia painterly sculptures play with notions of texture, distortion, pattern, color, doubling and real and illusionary space. His most recent work bears the influence of artists like Bridget Riley yet their paradoxical spatial forms attest that they could only have been made in the 21st Century.
DeLucia was born in 1978 in Rochester, NY and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He was educated at the Royal College of Art, London and the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence. His solo exhibitions include Eleven Rivington (2012, 2010), Luce Gallery, Turin (2011), Galerie Nathalie
Obadia, Paris (2012, 2009) and Brussels (2011, 2008); and Alan Koppel Gallery, Chicago, IL (2008).
Group shows include Andrea Rosen Gallery, NY; Sculpture Center, LIC; ‘The Coke Factory’ at Ritter/Zamet, London; ‘Double Take’ at Public Art Fund at Metrotech Center, Brooklyn; and ‘Linkage’ at Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit.
Gallery installation view that shows a very large, three red panels. The panels are held up by wood stilts.
Susanna Howe was born in 1971 in Manila, Philippines and grew up in Connecticut and New York City. Howe never went to art school, but her father was the deputy director at MoMa, so she was deeply influenced by the art in that museum. After studying English at Barnard and working in publishing, she moved to Los Angeles and started her photography career.
Inspired by the light and the alien landscapes of California's cities, suburbs and countryside, Susanna began shooting regularly for W and Details, and then moved on to contribute to Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Wired, among others. Her naturalistic environmental portraiture has earned her a consistent spot on the advertising rosters of jack spade, IBM, Sony, Aldo shoes, J Brand Jeans, Boast and Orange/France Telecom, among others.
Susanna's references and inspiration come mostly from painters, including Vermeer and California landscape artists. While her commercial work strives for naturalism, her artwork is more formalistic, working in light and composition. She has shown in Los Angeles, Paris and New York and been featured in many books. In 2007, she returned to New York, got married and slid back into New York life. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.
Nadja Verena Marcin is a German artist, living and working in New York. Marcin focuses on human behavior, elemental emotions, and psychological responses linked to role-playing through video, photography and live performance. Sourcing autobiographical experience, Marcin drives situations from ordinary to absurd while probing beneath the surface of human interaction. Ms. Marcin confronts elemental emotions and unleashes psychological mechanism, exposing truths about morals, history, gender and politics inherent in Western culture.
Marcin received her MFA in 2010 from Columbia University, New York after receiving her previous degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munster. Her work has been exhibited at ZKM- Center for Art and Media | Karlsruhe 2012; Tina B. Festival | Prague 2012; Garage Center for Contemporary Art | Moscow 2010; ICA Philadelphia | Philadelphia 2010; Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts | New York 2010; Kaunas Biennale | Kaunas 2009; Mediations Biennale | Poznan 2008; Kunstmuseum | Bonn 2007; Ludwig Museum | Cologne 2007 and received the DAAD Stipend | New York 2011; Int. Artist Career Development Grant | Santa Fe 2010; Fulbright Award | Berlin 2007. Marcin has currently an institutional solo at Kunstverein Dortmund and Orangerie at Castle of Rheda in Germany.
Four images situated in two by two format. All images feature a fake beach scene. In front of the backdrop which features a palm tree on the left and a ocean behind, there are two figures engaging in sexualized positions.
George Wilson evokes both figurative and historical narratives through tactile, assemblage and collage-based work. Born in 1977, Wilson lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 80wse will exhibit a
monumental simulation of a dismembered couch by Wilson, which brio-collages fabric surfaces expertly recreated from wax alongside more naturalistic fabric stuffing and wood interiors structures.
Installation view of the gallery. On a wood floor sits a platform. A couch is displayed, ripped in half, down the middle vertically. The top half of the couch is on a stilt. The bottom half lays below it on a folded textile. Also on the platform is a wood panel. Behind the structure is a cloud sculpture on a metal pole.
Adam Winner’s abstract paintings, which reference specific literary and art historical sources, are meditations on the act of painting. They function as reflexive exercises in color, texture, space and surface. His efforts result in works that appear to embody whole histories of thought, as though interwoven into the canvas itself. Winner's paintings recall classic 60's avant-modernists like Frank
Stella and Ellsworth Kelley, but their line, texture and brushstroke are uniquely his own. Born in Bridgeport, CT, Winner lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.