80 Washington Square East, NYU


NEW YORK, NY 10003

Wednesday–Saturday, 12–6 PM

Visitors must provide proof of vaccination and a valid ID upon entry.

Wheelchair accessibility through Goddard Hall at 79 Washington Square East.  
+1 (212) 998-5790
Founded in 1974, 80 Washington Square East, NYU is a not-for-profit gallery presenting contemporary and historical exhibitions. The gallery exhibits in two further locations, at Broadway Windows at Broadway and East 10th Street, and Washington Square Windows, next to the gallery.

Each spring, the gallery hosts MFA Thesis exhibitions from students of the Department of Art and Art Professions in New York University’s Steinhardt School. 80 Washington Square East resides in the historic Benedick building (below, c. 1925) at Washington Square Park, originally commissioned in 1879 by iron manufacturer and Metropolitan Museum trustee, Lucius Tuckerman. The building once contained the studios of painters Winslow Homer and Albert Pinkham.

Black and white photograph showing the facade of the Benedick Building in 1925.
Past directors:
Nicola Lees, 2017–2020
Jonathan Berger, 2013–2016
Peter Campus, 2009–2012

Olivia Andrews
Jon Huron

Carter Seddon

Curatorial assistants:
Talia Spielholz
Hill Spriggins
Rebecca Lucher