80 Washington Square East, NYU

Bob Mizer

Devotion: Excavating Bob Mizer

November 23, 2013 – February 15, 2014


The is a corner of a room, the floor is wooden and empty. The walls are white and the lighting is dim. There is a black and white framed photograph on the right wall that has the only light turned on shining on it. On the left wall there is a white floor to ceiling shelving unit filled with clothing and boxes of printed photographs. To the right of the shelving unit this is a white ladder leaning against the wall.
There is a hallway and to the hallway’s left we see the corner of a room. The wooden floor  and corner of the room is empty. On the left perpendicular wall to the hallway there is a framed black and white photograph of a cat laying on a bed. On the right parallel wall to the hallway there is text on the wall that has “DEVOTION” the name of the exhibition, and “Excavating Bob Mizer” the artists whose works is in the exhibition. Following these titles is paragraphs of text that provide a biography for the artist.
There is a room with a table in its center. The table is filled with unprinted photographs and negatives that two students are working to develop. On the right parallel wall to the table there are two small framed black and white photographs side by side. The back wall perpendicular to the table has a larger framed black and white portrait photograph of a man. Above the photograph of the man is a quote that wraps around onto the left parallel wall to the table.
There is a white walled room with concrete floors. In the middle of the room is a table with a sheet of fabric laid over it and a desktop on it. There is also a student working on unrolling prints. The wall to the back that it perpendicular to the table has a line of framed black and white photos that continue onto the adjoined perpendicular left wall. Above the photographs is a quote that also follows from the back wall onto the left adjoined perpendicular wall.
There is an open floor plan that has a room with half length walls that show the room behind it. In the more forward room the concrete floor is empty and the two visible white walls feature black and white framed photographs. There are three small photographs on the wall parallel to the camera, and one larger photograph on the right perpendicular wall. Above the photographs isa quote the spans both of the walls. In the room behind this one is a table with a student working to develop and print photographs. On the wall parallel to the camera in this room there is a colorful photo that features a vibrant blue.
There is a room with two tables spanning the center of the floor. The table is white and there are two chairs in front of two computers that are placed on top of the table. Also on the table is equipment for developing and printing photographs. On the right parallel wall to the table there are two framed photographs. The one to the right depicts a man laying in foliage while the left one depicts a landscape, both are in color. On the perpendicular wall to the table there is one colorful portrait photograph centered on the wall, this is also in color. Above this picture is a quote written in black text.
 A student looks at strips of photographic film on top of a Lightbox as she prepares them to be developed. Perpendicular to the table she is on is a wall with a quote printed on it. On the left wall parallel to the Lightbox table is a colored photograph of a man laying in foliage. On the right parallel wall to the Lightbox table there are clotheslines and pins placed to hold drying freshly developed photos.
A student examines photographic film sheets on top a Lightbox. On the wall behind her there are small square photographs tacked to the wall.