80 Washington Square East, NYU

Curatorial Collaborative

February 10 – March 6, 2022

NYU Project Space

The curatorial collaborative is a student initiative that brings together MFA and BFA candidates, as well as MA and Ph.D. Candidates in art history, allowing artists, curators, and art scholars to work together to create a final project, which is exhibited at 80 Washington Square East.

February 3–6
The Universal in the Personal 
David Ma and Caleb Williams
curated by Juul Van Haver

February 10–13
We Used to Hold Hands in the Corner
Sarah Goldman and Nina Molloy
curated by Barbie Kim

February 17–20 
In Search of Vibrant Matter
Brock Riggins and Rhea Barve
curated by Eve Sperling

February 24–27 
Art of the In-between
Delia Pelli-Walbert and Kris Waymire
curated by Allison Carey
March 3–6
Make Space / Give Place
Talia Deane and Ebony Joiner
curated by Madi Shank