80 Washington Square East, NYU

Curatorial Collaborative

February 11 – March 11, 2015

Project Space

The curatorial collaborative is a student initiative that brings together MFA and BFA candidates, as well as MA and Ph.D. Candidates in art history, allowing artists, curators, and art scholars to work together to create a final project, which is exhibited at 80 Washington Square East. 

Days with Frog and Toad
February 11 – 13

Peter Valenti and Louis Kim
Curated by Katharine J. Wright
Image of a person standing next to the wall text featuring the title of the exhibition. The text states, "DAYS WITH FROG AND TOAD." The figure is in partial shadow and blocks most of the doorway from the viewers view.
Close-up image of installation featuring a hollow, wood box with a orange light and wood planks inside. The planks are falling out of the arch shaped hole and resemble a simplified, fake fireplace.
Image of a sculpture from the exhibition featuring a large wooden structure sitting on the floor. The structure, made of light wood, is thin and sits on the floor. The structure has two holes and is curved on the top.
February 18 – 21

David Bransfield and Emma Strebel
Curated by Ksenia M. Soboleva
Close-up image of a painting or drawing of a street scene featuring the storefront window lit up in the evening. The store's black awning says "FLAMING KITCHEN". Several figures pace in front of the lit up windows on the pavement. A banner hangs down from the awning stating, "CHINESE RESTAURANT, GRAND OPENING". A figure sits on the stoop in front smoking a cigarette in chef's garb.
Installation view of the exhibition featuring a very up-close shot of a glass orb. Behind the orb is a blurry neon sign that says "open" in red neon lights, and below that "foot" in blue neon lights. On either end of the sign are green outlines of a foot.
Close-up image of an older male figure taking a photograph of a younger figure holding a very large block of ice. The camera angle is positioned so that the figure taking the photo is on the left side of the image, out of focus, and the other figure, holding the ice in a red puffer jacket, is in the back right.
Image of what seems to be an ice cube of black water, melting onto a piece of white paper, on a wooden pedestal. The image is taken from above.
Hi, Boys!
February 25 – 28

Kellian Delice and Zachary Schoenhut
Curated by Halston Bruce
Two figures play keyboard in front of two images on a white wall. They are dressed in white tee shirts.
Installation view featuring to figures engaging in a makeshift DJ booth. The figure on the right the leans over to use a Macbook sitting atop a white pedestal. The figure wears a black tee shirt and has a close-cropped haircut.The figure on the right wears a white muscle tank top and places both hands on a keyboard or disc jockey table that is balanced on two construction supports.
Installation image of visitors visiting the exhibition featuring figures engaging in conversation in the gallery.
Close-up image that features the inside of a glass container featuring a white sculpture inside. Through the glass, there are various figures standing in the gallery, visitors watching a video projected onto a wall.
Unwanted Sexual Conduct Shouldn’t Be Part of Anyone’s Commute
March 4 – 7

Chris Blue and Jong Yoon Choi
Curated by Ashley McNelis
Image of the exhibition from the outside window featuring a room with three people seated against the window. On the window, the words "CHRIS BLUE, YOON CHOI, CURATED BY ASHLEY MCNELIS" are on the window in blue vinyl wall text.
Close-up image of a typewriter with a long typed page emerging from it. On the top and bottom of the typewriter are purple boxes supported by white stilts.
Close-up image of two hands typing on a type writer. In front of the type writer, a burgundy-purple velvet curtain hangs and obstructs further viewpoints.
Installation image of visitors visiting the exhibition featuring figures engaging in conversation in the gallery.
I Would’ve Ripped It Out and Kept It Forever
March 11 – 14

Hailey Kenton and Nora Normile
Curated J. English Cook
Image of vinyl wall text stating "I WOULD'VE RIPPED IT OUT AND KEPT IT FOREVER" underneath in small text, "WORKS BY HALEY KENTON AND NORA NORMILE. Below this, it states, "CURATED BY J. ENGLISH COOK."
Close-up image juxtaposing a cage with a plant and a colorful quilt. The cage with the plant is on the left and the quilt is on the right.
Close-up image of an artwork from the exhibition featuring large portions of green with red, looping stripes near the top of the image. Out of focus, light fixtures made of twine hang in front of the artwork.
Installation image of visitors visiting the exhibition featuring figures engaging in conversation in the gallery.