80 Washington Square East, NYU

Diane Simpson

Window Dressing

January 26 – March 12, 2014

Broadway Windows

A cheetah print smock like textile is hanging and draped over a small brown table structure. This is placed on top of a tan colored round pedestal that is lined and divided into three visible sections with red lines. Behind the garment are granite like slabs of backdrops and tan boarding geometrically divided by red lines in the same fashion as the pedestal.
Starting from the bottom and going about one fourth of the way up the window is a black and white checkered board that’s top is cut out to leave geometric shapes. In the middle of these cutouts is a teal lined standing mirror-like form. This form is not reflective and instead its surface is simply gray within the teal outline. To the right of this structure is a  hanging upside down gray and teal cut out of a building’s skyline. To the left of the mirror like structure is a teal stand with a black top that has a black and white triangular sculpture placed on it.
The window is broken into different geometric cut out shapes. The two outer thirds of the window are filled with a rectangular mesh like board that is lined with teal and broken up by alternating teal and black circle quarters. In the middle of the window is a triangle that is broken into three triangles that get subsequently smaller. The tallest is a light brown, the middle is white, and the smallest is black. The top tips of each of the triangles has a smaller triangle that is tan with colored circles on it. In front of the smallest black triangle is a rounded paddle-like cream colored cutout.
 The outer two thirds of the window have a gridded  cream colored rectangular board placed in them with a half circle cut out from their top outer edges. The middle third features a cream colored rectangle with a repeated flower pattern printed on it in gray. In the middle of this middle rectangle is a circle cutout of the gridded rectangle board from the outer two thirds of the window space. In front of the middle patterned cutout is a tan wooden sculpture of the silhouette of a dress with a deep V neck, swooped shoulder line and pleated skirt.