80 Washington Square East, NYU

MFA 1st Year

Inside, Outwards

February 22 – March 11, 2023


A group exhibition featuring the 2024 graduating cohort of NYU Steinhardt's Master of Fine Arts program.


Samuel Alexander Forest
Zeppelin Dufour
Robin Gammons
Forrest Knight
Artemis Kotioni
Paula Maria Persiani
Ruoxin Sun
Virgil Warren
Ziyi Zhao

Installation view of a works in the exhibition featuring a white block bench in front of a TV monitor that is mounted to the wall. On either side of the TV monitor are two blue balloons hovering about 5 feet off the ground. Off to the right, an abstract painting of purple and yellow leads off into the hallway.
Installation view of two paintings in the exhibition on the right wall, a dark red painting. In the middle a large window lights up the entire room. On the right wall, there is a painting of concentric circles of blue and yellow.
Installation image of the exhibition featuring two walls. On the left wall, a painting of blue and yellow concentric circles. A white bench sits on the floor in front of a mounted TV monitor. On either side of the bench two blue balloons float above the ground.
Installation image of a section of the exhibition including a blue earth themed balloon hanging in front of a tv monitor in the background.
Installation image of two paintings in the exhibition. On the left, a purple background and a yellowish orange sun like shape. On the left, a very light yellow painting.
Installation view of the exhibition featuring an installation by one of the artists. On the back wall, there is a large painted red wall. The rest of the walls are painted white. The floor is made of wood. Several white sheets of paper hang from the room at various heights as well as red shape outlines.
Image of one black and white sketch hung on a white wall in the exhibition space.
Installation view of two objects protruding from the white wall in the exhibition like shelves. The first shelf object is slightly lower than the one on the right. The first shelf is green and a yellow hairbrush sits atop it. On the right, the shelf is darker and a small white box made out of paper sits open with its lid leaning against the wall.
Image of an object from the exhibition featuring a table with a beige paper basket on top of it. Inside the basket is a sketch drawing.
Installation view of a yellow pedestal in the exhibition. A black abstract sculpture sits atop the yellow pedestal. In the background, the white wall is painted with large organic shapes that are blue with yellow centers.
Installation view of two works in the exhibition. The left and right walls converge in the center of the image at the corner. On the left, the work is abstract and consists of several blue and pink colors with the main focal point being an eyeball. On the right wall, a blue fantastical figure is crammed into the edges of the canvas against a green background.
Installation view of two works hung side by side against a white wall in the exhibition space. The work on the left consists of an up close and rough, more abstract painting of a plant against a window. The background of the painting is blue. A barcode is on the grey pot of the plant which seems to just be a shadow against the window light. On the right side of the wall, an image of a person wearing a ski mask is painted against a decorative iron fence. The painting seems textured and only uses pink, green, yellow, and black hues.
Installation view of one work in the exhibition hanging against a white wall. The image consists of close up composition of a blurry coffee to go cup from Burger King.