80 Washington Square East, NYU

MFA Thesis

April 30 – May 8, 2010

80 WSE

Ji Yoon Koo
Installation image of two walls. On the left wall is five abstract images and on the right wall is one abstract image. The five images in a row feature dark colors and are placed in a staggered line, alternating from high and low placement.
Up-close installation image of two works. On the left is a small painting featuring a green-ish background of foliage. The style of the painting is similar to impressionism. Two figures, pictured as white shapes, are in the middle of the painting. On the right is a painting of a field. The dark brown grass meets the light blue sky in the distance on the horizon line.
Allan Bailey
Installation image of a large white cube in the middle of one of the galleries. On top of the cube is a white cylinder with eye-holes cut out on the top. In front of the white cube are black poles crossed with two plaster cast hands, much larger than life, reaching out, palms up at the end of the poles.
Close-up installation view of a black rectangle on the wall. In the middle, off center, is a video screen with an abstract green visual on view.
Alex Jovanovich
Installation view of three black pedestals in a row in a dark room. The photograph is aimed so that the pedestals are in a vertical row. Each pedestal has a black and white drawing on top of it. Though the drawing is hard to make out on the back two pedestals, the front pedestal features black and white sketches and drawings of abstract female genitalia.
Installation view of a dark room with three pedestals in a row. Behind the pedestals, mounted on the wall is one black and white image. The image on the wall features a black frame, with a white piece of paper and a geometric black shape in the middle. The works on the pedestals are black and white drawings but are hard to make out from the cameras point of view.
Allison Somers
Installation view of two walls. On the right is a drawing hung on the wall. It is a tannish/peach piece of paper enframed in a white frame with glass. On the paper is a black shadow of charcoal in an organic, random rectangular shape. On the right wall are two stacked black frames. In each frame is a dark image that cannot be seen from the picture view. The image on top is vertical and the image on the bottom is horizontal. Next to the stacked frames, on the floor, is a pedestal with a small tv. On the tv screen is white background with a blurry black strike going through it.
Close-up installation view of a black frame with a picture of a blurry shadow. The shadow resembles a figure from the shoulders up and is focused more towards the left side of the frame.
Jason Martin
Jennie Bringaker