80 Washington Square East, NYU

MFA Thesis I

MFA Thesis I

April 2 – April 12, 2014

Project Space

MFA candidates in the Studio Art program work alongside faculty, visiting artists and art professionals to create a series of group shows, which are displayed at 80 Washington Square East. 

Cheryl Bentley
Don Edler
Yi Xin Tong

Cheryl Bentley gives us humor, wet, pink, and grave: Dream Children. It’s what is forever known
in the mind. Of the dreaming function­­­ looking through eyes in the dust (in bed), in the grave (in
bed), underwater (in bed), through cigarette smoke and bed sheets (in bed), through the skin of
an orange and a lover (in bed), through a teardrop (in bed), through the falling­­­­­into bed,
through the angels of disappointment, dysfunction, and resuscitation. Freedom is the object;
freedom from what drags you down, freedom from right, wrong, clocks, mastery, expectations,
slavery, and external standards. Dream Children is inspirited by dynamic emotional states,
poetry, light, cycles, stillness, and the intimacy of being in bed.
Don Edler is an interdisciplinary artist working between sculpture, photography, video, and
printmaking. As his contribution to the exhibit, Edler will present a series of sculptures and prints
inspired by Popular Culture, Historical Mythology, Time Travel, Salt, Building, Making, Heat,
Gravity, Appropriation, Replicas, Fakes, Science Fiction, Lenticular Photography, The Moon, The
Sun, The Road, Artifacts, Green Screens, Technical Images not Traditional Images, Mirrors,
Models, Crayons, Coca­Cola, Materiality, Materialism, M&Ms, Matter, Matta­Clark, The Delorean,
The 80s, Film, Legos, Memory, and Space. Edler is motivated by the process of making,
searching and discovering through materials, his sculptures investigate the place of materials in
object making and question the relationships between materials and images.
Yi Xin Tong presents Average Sweethearts: Dueling Scar & Driving Accident, a multimedia
project spanning several spaces that plays with found images, found objects, found tales, and
found ideas. Duelist's lover is present, happiest, beautiful, secretive, agreeable, loving, constant,
asleep, pale, honorable, sparkling, perfect, honest, young, innocent, pressing, admirable, false,
jealous, angelic, humorous, sweet, amiable, passionate, coward, foolish, careful, pitiful,
judicious, impertinent, confident, trustful, brave, whimsical, sensible, blockheaded, ridiculous,
inquisitive, graceful, disappointed, rude, sincere, humble, vulgar, proud, weak, intimate, shot,
handsome, acquainted, desirable, thoughtful, gentle, blooming, fair, delightful, ignorant, wounded,
finicking, singing, impossible, heartily, affordable, believable, promising, insane, victorious,
curious, violet, giving, sly, shy, persuasive, content, devoted, sanctified, perfidious, adventurous,
melancholic, protective, brisk, mortal, youthful, feverish, wealthy, disquiet, caring, mysterious,
skeptical, surest, useless, shining, smiling, married.
Installation view of the project space. The camera captures through the doorway into the gallery. Mounted on the left wall is a yellow, plush duck sitting on a branch. In front of the duck on the wall, is a group of white orbs. Behind the duck, on the far back wall, is a series of papers mounted on the wall in a row of seven. There are words on each paper, but the camera did not capture the words clearly. On the floor of the gallery is a tripod just below the papers on the wall. In the center, on the floor of the gallery is a neon light installation sitting on a clear rectangle. The neon is blue and two longer beams sit across from two much shorter beams of neon.
Close-up image of a neon light installation on the floor, in the center of the gallery.In the center, on the floor of the gallery is a neon light installation sitting on a clear rectangle. The neon is blue and two longer beams sit across from two much shorter beams of neon.