80 Washington Square East, NYU

New Sights, New Noise

New Sights, New Noise

September 30 – November 8, 2014


80 WSE Gallery is pleased to present NEW SIGHTS, NEW NOISE, an evolving exhibition project generated by Michael Stipe concurrently with his visiting artist and scholar residency in the NYU Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions. The project is produced collaboratively with Jonathan Berger and includes contributions from special guests Douglas Coupland, Jefferson Hack, Peaches, Dean Sameshima, Jerry Seguin, and Taryn Simon along with BFA studio art students Jesse Adwar, Christina Blue, Stephanie Bow, David Bransfield, Yoon Choi, Nora Chuff, Autumn Hamra, Ira Dae Young Kim, Dorothy Lam; ZiHong, Devin McNulty, Daniel Mock, David Muñoz, Paula Rondon, Alyssa Steiger, Peter Valenti, Lizzie Wee, and Serina Wei. 

The image shows a turquoise wall with writing on it taking up the right half of the shot. On the left half we see a wooden pallet-like frame standing with two images projected onto it. The image to the left is black and white of a man. The smaller image on the right’s subject is red.
The image is of an office where a man is sorting through printed images laid out on a table.
The image shows the right half of a room with green walls. On the far wall there is a doorway that shows a part of another gallery room. On the right wall of this room there is a rectangular projected image of honeycomb. On the far wall there is a smaller rectangular image of a man watching a helicopter and UFO. This image is projected twice side by side. On the wall of the gallery shown through the doorway there is a projected image of an angular geometric form.
There are three rectangular black and white projected images side by side on a wall. The left image shows a man playing a guitar with quoted text over the image. The middle image is a far away shot of an event with a white translucent circle in its center. The image on the left is made up of a bunch of smaller rectangular images in a grid formation. Each image is bordered with gray where it meets the image beside it.
There is a corner of a green walled room with two images projected in it. On the left wall there is a large rectangular image of a man and woman in the car. On the right wall is a much smaller rectangular image of a hand brushing against colorful pink and red fabric.
There is a corner of a green walled room with three images projected on it. The floor image is projected with its long side against the right wall and short side against the left wall. The image is of someones hands wearing gloves on a table with paperwork around them. The image on the left well is projected horizontally and shows a door in a pink walled room. The image on the right wall is projected vertically and shows two green doors that meet on their inner corners.
The image shows the dividing wall between two galleries. Through the open doorway in the wall we can see into a gallery that is behind these walls. On the left dividing wall there is a projected image of a human skeletons head and neck laying on dirt. Above this image there is a large light flare. On the right dividing wall there is a colorful image of the torso and head of a skeleton dressed in decorative traditional wear. In the gallery behind these walls we see a horizontal image of a woman framed from below her eyes to just above her chest. The image of this woman is on the left wall that meets another wall. On the right wall there is a vertical image that is too overexposed in the camera to make out its subject.
There are three images projected in the corner of a green walled room. On the floor there is a rectangular image projected with its long side against the right wall and short side against the left wall. The image is of a person and has a light yellow boarder on all sides. The image on the left wall is placed horizontally. The image itself is a square but has a boarder that makes the projection rectangular. This image is of a person in a purple-pinkish full body knitted suit sitting on a chair. The boarder of this image matches the purple-pink of the knitted garment. The image on the right wall is placed vertically. Both the image and its boarder are rectangular. The image is of a man with funnels through his glasses dropping eyedrops down the funnels. The boarder on this image is a light yellow that is more opaque than the boarder on the floor image.
There is a green wall with three projected images of Kanye West’s face on a white background side by side. Beside the white background of the images are thick tinted boarders on the right and left side of each image.  Kanye West’s eyes in each image are missing and instead all we see is the white background where his eyes would be.
There is a large rectangular image projected onto the wall of a dark gallery room. The rectangular screen is broken in half and each half has an identical image. The image is of a masked AI mannequin like figure. The figure is staring at the camera with its head titled to the right. Behind the figure is another person standing of which we can only see their torso. The entire image is blue tinted and there are thick blue and white striped boarders on the top and bottom of the two side by side images.