80 Washington Square East, NYU

NYU Venice (1974–2011)

NYU Venice (1974 - 2011)

May 23 – June 9, 2012


An exhibition to celebrate Venice Program Alumni and the major contributions and dedication of Dr. Angiola Churchill, Program Director and teacher. 

Through NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Art and Arts Professions, the NYU Venice Summer Studio Art Master’s program began in 1974 and helped to pioneer the university's study abroad programs. Founded by NYU Art Department faculty member and chair Professor Angiola Churchill, the program ran every summer in Venice for 37 years. Blending art theory, history, and practice, the program took advantage of its unique location at the intersection of the ancient and modern worlds.

Beginning May 24 at Steinhardt’s 80WSE Gallery located between West 4th St. and Washington Place, the two-week exhibition will represent a small cross-section of the talent and achievements of NYU's Venice Summer Studio Art graduates.

“I have had the great pleasure of working in the NYU Venice Summer MA in Studio Art program for the past six years,” said David Darts, current chair of the department. “I am dedicated to continuing the study abroad and art education legacy - a blending of theory, history, and art practice at the intersection of the ancient and contemporary worlds - that Professor Angiola Churchill developed and nurtured over the last 37 years.”

Suzanne Anan
Marc Aronson
Christine Barney
Lisa Barnshaw
Sheila Berger
Jacqueline Bishop
Christa Blackwood
Josana Blue
Robert Chambers
Donna Clovis
Alicia Cuccolo
Katy Hamer
Ellen Hochberg
Edward Holland
Seo Jo
Drew Lowenstein
Laura Merage
Hugh O'Rourke
Julie Phillips
Malvina Sammarone
Laura Schneider
Mara L. Siegel
Stephen Smith
Gilbert Trent

Image of a portrait of a girl. The image is flipped upside down. The girl has her hair covering half of her face.
Image of three white sheets hanging on a clothes line in front of a tan building. The shadow of the sheets hits the building just below and above the sheets are two swinging windows with slits up and down them for air and sunlight. The window is light brown and made of wood.
Close-up image of hundreds to thousands of glass orbs or bubbles covering the entire shot.
Image of a chiffon curtain blowing in an open window. The image is outlined with a skinny light blue frame and a wider dark blue frame. On the bottom of the frame are the words "Air II" and then "Air, water, light."