80 Washington Square East, NYU

VAA Curatorial Practice

Transversal: Where We Come From and Where We Are Going

January 6 – January 28, 2023

Project Space

80WSE and the NYU Visual Arts Administration students are proud to introduce, Transversal: Where We Come from and Where we are Going from January 6-28, 2023. Showcasing new works from students practicing in the university’s BFA program, Transversal is dedicated to celebrating the complex journey of navigating one's identity and the way this manifests within their practice.

Presenting ten emerging artists for Transversal: Where We Come From and Where We Are Going, artists explore themes of duality – organic and inorganic, identity and culture, realism and surrealism, inclusion and exclusion, and past and present. Through these poles the artist connects their ideas of self and the external world. Diving into the intersection of origin, identity, and contemporary practice, each piece gives us a deeper understanding of the complex emotions that arise when simultaneously presented with feelings of belonging and displacement. The artists employ a variety of mediums in this exhibition including painting, photography, sculpture, wood carving, and woven textiles. With these selections, we hope to provide a platform for visibility, contemplation, and reflection – looking at how each work manifests in a uniquely distinct form while still exploring each artist's relationship with their identity and practice.  

Participating Artists:

Elaine Du 
Oscar Garay
Ningci (Alice) Jiang 
Kat Nestser
Rebecca Panos
Owen Roberts
Talia Rudofsky
Yutaro Sahara
Tasneem Sarkez
Angela Xu

The exhibition is curated, produced, and managed by NYU Steinhardt Visual Arts Administration MA students enrolled in the Curatorial Practice course, which provides hands-on experience in the development, curation, installation, and operation of exhibitions, programs, and events. Special thanks to the 80WSE staff for their assistance and accommodations. 

Installation image of the exhibition featuring a sculpture in the foreground with five art works on the wall behind it in the background.
Photos by Carter Seddon.